Board of Directors convenes in Thessaloniki for 22nd Meeting


Board of Directors convenes in Thessaloniki for 22nd Meeting

The Center for Democracy and Reconciliation in Southeast Europe Board of Directors gathered in Thessaloniki this weekend, celebrating the successes of 2014 and mapping out the future as the CDRSEE embarks on new projects and expands its flagship programs.

Nearly all board members were in attendance, including founding members Mr. Matthew Nimetz, Mr. Nikos Efthymiadis and Mr. Costa Carras. Dr. Erhard Busek, Chairman of the Board, led the meeting with the support of Executive Director Zvezdana Kovac.

The board officially convened on Sunday, Nov. 9, 2014, and successfully carried out all necessary official business. Members focused on the new phase of the Joint History Project, which will culminate in the publication of two more multi-perspective history books, covering the Cold War and the period of transition in Southeast Europe, including the Wars of the 1990s. The board also supported the continued expansion of Okruzenje, or Vicinities in English, the current affairs TV talk show, in the region and beyond. The board was pleased with the success of the other CDRSEE’s projects: Teaching for Learning, Uniting Differences, Hands on the Balkans and the Thessaloniki Open 2104 -- European Debating Tournament. The Board fully supports the creation of other similar projects, as they target youth and are based on the fundamentals of democracy.

The meeting wrapped up with a visit by the Serbian news agency Tanjug, which carried a story on the CDRSEE projects and mission. The first story and interviews can be found here:

Interviews with our first chairman, Mr. Matthew Nimetz, and our current chairman, Dr. Erhard Busek, as well as with other board and staff members, will be posted by Tanjug in the near future.


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