Board Chairman opens IDM conference, presents CDRSEE work


Board Chairman opens IDM conference, presents CDRSEE work


The CDRSEE was honored to have Board Chairman, Dr. Erhard Busek, open the IDM’s conference on Myths Surrounding the Great War in the Danube Region, held in Vienna on September 22, 2014.

The conference was organsied by the Renner Institut, the Institute for the Danube Region and Central Europe and the Politische Akademie and supported by the Federal Chancellery of Austria, WienKultur and The Future Fund of the Republic of Austria. About 100 journalists and international participants attended the conference that analysed the impact of political myth from the First World War to present and the inter-relation of collective memory and European integration in the Danube region.

Dr. Busek, who also serves as IDM’s chairman, also presented as a member of the panel discussing political myth. Dr. Busek spoke about the CDRSEE and its work in particular, the impact of the “Joint History Project”, CDRSEE’s flagship programme, which he called a “mythbuster” when it comes to history-teaching in Southeast Europe.

In addition, “Vicinities”, CDRSEE’s regional TV current affairs talk show broadcast in seven countries, also helps to fight against the creation of new myths, by working to enhance mutual understanding in the Balkans, Dr. Busek noted.

Board member Nenad Sebek also participated in the conference, giving a keynote speech on “Why an ugly truth is better than a beautiful myth”.

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