Belgrade, 4-7 April - Vicinities II rehearsal


Belgrade, 4-7 April - Vicinities II rehearsal


The second season of Okruzenje – Vicinities – got off to a very promising start, as the presenters, editor in chief, director and others gathered in Belgrade for a dynamic inaugural show rehearsal.

The rehearsal was certainly a precursor to another successful season, after last year’s Vicinities gained critical acclaim and calls for more from journalists, politicians and citizens of the Balkans. This season, the expanded show will be broadcast in even more countries across the region on eight different TV channels.

Vicinities is the only news talk show that brings together a multi-national group of guests to discuss real-life issues that affect the everyday lives of the people. Whether the economic crisis, youth unemployment or ethnic identity, the topics are discussed openly and sincerely by guests from a wide range of backgrounds.  Guests speak in their native language, which is mutually understandable.

Topics to be discussed this year include identity, the European Union, history, violence, music, sports, and the region seen through political comics.

For a sneak peak, watch the video from the rehearsal on our YouTube channel.

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