Action as an alternative to fear


Action as an alternative to fear

April 2016

In 2015, 389 terrorist attacks were recorded around the world, and in the first three months alone of 2016, the number of attacks reached 242! The situation took center stage, of course, after about 10 terrorist attacks rocked the heart of Europe in both years. I can't help but wonder whether this is supposed to mean the lives of Europeans and their well-being are more valuable than the lives of others. Why are we all Paris and Brussels and never Ankara, Bacha Khan, Burkina Faso…? We certainly cannot protect ourselves if we all do not care about others regardless of all the differences. 

Promoting European values, an expression that, lately, is popping up in many circles, sounds quite egocentric, I would dare to say. It may be carelessly used though, as its essence is deeply universal and human, so let’s rename the idea and give it the respect it needs.

We who live in Europe, and who do care about our neighborhood and the EU as a worthwhile political-economic union, are worried about both the efficiency and future of the union. As someone who used to live in a country that split into many independent pieces, I am very much in favour of a carefully and fairly composed bigger union.

But that Union -- unprepared to support the integration of immigrants, rigid when it comes to enlargement, tied up in a complicated administration -- must be ready for change, based on a wise, honest and open dialogue with everyone. It is the only alternative to fear, a whispered word that seeps into our lives and causes more damage than we initially realize. Action is only way to overcome it, and that can be taken when we stop contemplating and regretting what has not been done, and apply the essence of our European values -- let's say our neighbourhood values -- to the world.

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