28 May 2012: Royal College of Defense Studies: Briefing on Greece and the Balkans, Thessaloniki


28 May 2012: Royal College of Defense Studies: Briefing on Greece and the Balkans, Thessaloniki

This event, hosted by the International Hellenic University (IHU), aimed at enhancing the understanding of the economic socio-political and technological issues facing the region through teaching and research. The CDRSEE’s Director of Programmes Corinna Noack-Aetopulos was invited to present the CDRSEE and its role in promoting education and critical thinking skills as the most valuable asset in forging stable relations for the future.

She stressed that the most prominent political question in parts of Southeast Europe will remain European integration and the vision of a Europe based on common values, common politics and a common identity—the vision of an integrated geo-political entity. In being part of Europe, our economies, our history, our way of thinking and our heritage become more international, and one opportunity to foster understanding lies in History teaching, given that it is taught in a global-minded rather than a local-minded way.

Amongst those present at the conference were Professor Kostas Grammenos, President of the IHU, Vassilis Gounaris, Dean of the School of Humanities of IHU and Professor of Modern History, Professor in Diplomatic History (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) Yiannis Stefanidis, Associate Professor in Modern and Contemporary Balkan History (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) Spyros Sfetas, Associate Professor in International Economic Law (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) Panagiotos Glavinis, Head of Office of International Economic Relations and Development Cooperation of Thessaloniki Alexandros Alexiadis, and Associate Professor in International Economic Relations (Ionian University) Stavros Katsios.

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