20 May 2011: CDRSEE donates books


20 May 2011: CDRSEE donates books


On 20 May 2011, the CDRSEE made two donations to two local institutions in Subotica, the heartland of the Croatian national minority in Serbia. The donations were organised by a supporter of the JHP, Mr. Gojko Miskovic.

The first donation was made to the City Library of Subotica, and was received by the Director of the Library, Mr Dragan Rokvic. It consisted of a number of sets of JHP books in the Serbian, English, Greek, Macedonian, Croatian, Turkish and Albanian languages. Mr. Rokvic was very grateful for the donation, and said upon receiving the books that they are sure to make a popular read.

The second donation was to the Croatian National Council in Serbia. The CDRSEE donated 12 sets of JHP books in the Croatian language, as well as a couple in the Serbian and English languages.

The event was witnessed by local and Croatian media, and the Chair of the Croatian National Council, Mr Slaven Bacic , received the books with great interest and expressed his gratitude for the donation.

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