1-3 July 2011: Teacher Training Workshop in Subotica


1-3 July 2011: Teacher Training Workshop in Subotica

The JHP keeps up its pace in Serbia, with its upcoming workshop in Subotica on 2-3 July! The workshop, funded under the IPA programme of the European Commission, will welcome 29 teachers and provide them with an opportunity to learn about the JHP methodologies and familiarise themselves with the workbooks. 

The participants will be assisted in creating their own model lessons based on the training, so as to consolidate their new skills for further use in class. As with all the JHP workshops, the training will aim at allowing history teachers to provide their pupils with participative, balanced and critical lessons, to foster tolerance and mutual understanding among the next generation of SEE citizens. 

The workshop, implemented in cooperation with the Croatian National Council in Subotica, will be guided by Goran Miloradovic, from the Association for Social History (Belgrade). Mr. Miloradovic, CDRSEE's long-standing partner and experienced trainer, will work jointly with Kresimir Erdelja, key member of the History Education Committee, and member of the CDRSEE's implementing partner (HUNP) in Zagreb.
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