09-10 April 2011: Local Teacher Training in Banja Luka, Bosnia-Herzegovina


09-10 April 2011: Local Teacher Training in Banja Luka, Bosnia-Herzegovina


The CDRSEE implemented this 2 day local workshop in Banja Luka, closing the first phase of the JHP in Bosnia. This will allow new activities to take place all over the country, as soon as this year! The first day of the workshop was led by Mr. Enes Milak, Editor of the Bosnian Language Edition of the JHP workbooks, Mr. Munib Efendic and Mr. Nijazija Maslak, two of the teachers trained by the JHP in the Training of Trainers workshops previously implemented.

Mr. Milak presented the project goals, background and principles, and introduced the 21 participants to the workshop agenda. Mr. Efendic led a fruitful workshop based on model lessons, after which Mr. Maslak went on to initiating participants to the notions of fact and opinion, in history. This was followed by a productive workshop, where participants were brought to see the contradictory nature of historical sources, and present new statements based on several sources, rather than only one.

The highlight of the day was the representative presence of the Ministry for Education, which showed further endorsement of the JHP, proving the continuing success of the project.

On day 2, Mr. Goran Miloradovic, the President of the Association for Teaching History in Belgrade, also the supervising guest trainer for this seminar, led a presentation of the use of historical sources in class, and implemented a very productive workshop, where participating practitioners were expected to create and present model lessons.

The response to the seminar by participants was extremely positive, and each left with their set of books and certificates, content with their newly acquired skills.

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