EU-Western Balkans Media Days, 9-10 November

CDRSEE's Executive Director Ms. Zvezdana Kovac, will attend the EU-Western Balkans Media Days in Tirana on November 9-10 as a speaker of Grand Panel 1. The panel, moderated by Tim Judah, will discuss the transformative power of media in the EU accesion process. The Prime Minister of Albania, Mr. Edi Rama and EU Commissioner Mr. Johannes Hahn will be also present at the event. In the framework of the parallel workshops, Ms. Kovac will have the opportunity to present the award-winning current affairs talk show 'Okruzenje' and conduct one of the panel discussions of the "Media Cafe'. 

JHP II Launching Event in Ljubljana, 22 November

As autumn comes to an end the JHP regional launches continue with the first presentation of the new workbooks in Ljubljana on 22 November. The event will take place at the Museum of Contemporary History and Ms.Zvezdana Kovač, the Executive Director of CDRSEE, will be the moderator. Attendees will consist of academics, foreign ambassadors, and editors/consultants of the two workbooks.

Lighting up the dark history of Southeast Europe: JHP presented at American Universities

“History teaching can play two opposing roles. On the one hand it can contribute to the reproduction of conflict if it hushes up the dark sides of the past, by propagating a one-sided teaching of the controversial dramatic events. On the other hand, history teaching can be used as a tool for healing traumas and overcoming painful memories” argued Professor Christina Koulouri, Chair of the History Education Committee of the Joint History Project.

Filming on Okruzenje VI is wrapping up

The production team of ‘Okruzenje/Vicinities’ is back in the studio for the recording of the last episodes of Season 6. The carefully selected thought-provoking topics are expected to prompt new memorable debates that will enlighten the show’s audience by offering fresh insights into the questions addressed.

This time our guests will grapple with everyday issues such as: “How to consume history”, “Does a Balkan entrepreneurial spirit exist?”, “The cost of labour in the Balkans”, and “Going digital”.

Okruzenje Season VI Promotional Event and Special Episode Filming in Tirana, 15 December.

With the 5th season of Okruzenje having enjoyed unprecedented publicity and media coverage the 6th Season aims to build on that success. A special episode of Okruzenje will be filmed in Tirana, Albania on the 15th of December. In conjunction with the filming of a special episode, a promotional event will be held for the 6th Season.