Our Mission

The absence of immediate conflict does not necessarily create real or lasting peace. Reconciliation, that is, the work of bringing people together to talk, understand each other and cooperate is a long-term process that requires sustained efforts in a number of fields, but multi-disciplinary actors working in inclusive, participatory ways.

Faced not only with a turbulent past, but also an ever changing and ever more complex present, the CDRSEE’s  mission is to initiate the means, methods and capacity for the peoples of Southeast Europe to reconcile for a stable and democratic future in which everyone has an equal share in the benefits of a healthy civil society.


Our Commitment

The support for the societies of the region is as crucial as ever if Southeast Europe is to continue its road towards prosperity in a peaceful and democratic manner. Much of the social capital that has been built up over the years is at risk of being lost if genuine indigenous solutions are not encouraged and strengthened.

The Center, with its prominent Board Members, and dedicated staff and partners, is working to address the conflicts in the region. Through a multi-perspective approach, we hope to create a notion of tolerance that eases the way to resolving long-standing grievances while highlighting the benefits of reconciliation, presenting win-win arrangements based on the citizens’ voice, and paying due respect for fundamental rights and the rule of law.

Our commitment at CDRSEE, and perhaps our greatest challenge, is to join forces with the peoples of the region in order to address priority needs and enable genuine change that flourishes and grows from the grassroots of society. Therefore, our activities focus on the notion of active citizenship, supporting the peoples of Southeast Europe in their struggle to make their voices heard; and, ultimately, creating the lasting conditions needed for a stable and peaceful region.